Earl's Christmas

by Brandon Fulson

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Written by Brandon Fulson
Fulsong Music (ASCAP)
Copyright 2013


Earl got laid off at the plant, he's barely scrapping by
And now the pressure's on because it's almost Christmas time.
He's looking for some odd jobs, unemployment's kicking in.
Gotta beat that holiday rush and buy for all his kin.

He's got two kids of his own and Pam she's got three.
They've all got lists ten miles long, it's up to Earl to please.
Four brothers and a sister with ten kids all their own
And Pam's folks from Ohio will all crash at his home.

He comes home from the Dollar Tree now who did he forget?
They all say "we love you Earl, it'll be the best Christmas yet."
He's borrowed from his Maw and Paw and remortgaged his home
And late at night under the snow flake lights he sings his Christmas song.

If Jesus is the reason for the season
And he never even had a place to lay
I wonder what he thinks of all the children
and the way that they have came to celebrate.
If Jesus is the reason for the season?
Then why is all the burden put on me?
Why can't we all just love one another?
I'm sick and tired of all these people's greed.

He can't forget their Mom's and Dad's and all the children's wants.
Sis bought Pop a Rolex, he's gotta keep up with the Jones.
And Tammy's bringing her new beau and his old brother Dirk.
He'll have to buy them something to or he'll look like a jerk.

Earl can't forget the dinner, yeah the turkey's on him too.
He'll have to buy one Kosher cause Pam's Mama's a jew.
Brother Paul turned atheist so don't bring up the Lord.
This Christmas has turned into more than Earl could ever afford.

He comes home from the Walmart, bags busting at the seams.
He's went in debt fulfilling all the sugar plum dreams.
When it's over Earl and old Jim Beam will spend the night alone
And as he cleans the mess left by the guests he'll sing his Christmas song.

Written by Brandon Fulson
Fulsong Music (ASCAP)
Copyright 2013


released November 25, 2016
Brandon Fulson: Lead & Harmony Vocals, Electric/Rhythm Guitar
Barry Po Hannah: Lead Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Baritone Guitar
John Tod Baker: Bass, Organ, Percussion
Vince Harris: Drums



all rights reserved


Brandon Fulson Knoxville, Tennessee

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